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Longrich Antiperspirant Dew

Make you feel fresh and confident 1.Antiperspirant deodorant: containing an effective antiperspirant cooling factor can effectively reduce underarm sweat and

Longrich Bamboo Charcoal Soap

Effciency cleanser by bamboo charcoal Refined bamboo charcoal ingredients absorb dirt and remove excessive grease; Coconut oil essence preserves moisture

Longrich Brightening & Softening Hand Cream

1.Formulated with vitamin A, C, E and natural hydrating factors, it rescues your skin from dullness and dryness and make it brightened, tender, smooth and supple.

Longrich Mouth Freshener

Boost yourself with a fresh breath 1.A mixed of white tea,mint essence components that refresh you mind,gives you a fresh

Longrich Sheep Placenta SOD Milk

Essence of Sheep Placenta,refresh youthful vigor, 1.Contains placenta essence, liposome SOD, vitamin E and other nutrients. 2.Has great affinity for the

Longrich Snake Oil Gel –

Longrich Snake Oil The benefits of snake oil are numerous and here are a few: – It moisturize and brighten

Longrich Toothpaste

This product is just more than ordinary toothpaste, its made from natural herbs and it helps to kill the bacteria that eats up the gum, whitens the teeth and freshens the breath.